Our Team

There are three artists that work together to create the artworks and jewellery pieces.

Jennifer Benaim's interest in opal began as a child over forty five years ago when her adventurous father moved the family of eight to the Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia opal fields.  It was a very harsh environment at that time.  Little did Jennifer realize but it was to be the start of an adventure that would shape the rest of her life.

Douglas Dingey is our designer who also happens to be Jennifer’s very talented son.  As a child he seemed the happiest when creating.  Any form of art always captured his interest.   His imagination to achieve the results he seeks is wonderful to see.  His work continues to inspire and intrigue.

Arthur Conlon is an Australian aboriginal artist and had seen one of Jennifer’s opal artworks, (Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House), when it was displayed in Makers Mark Gallery, Sydney.  When Jennifer approached Arthur to discuss the possibilities of combining their skills to create aboriginal opal artworks and jewellery pieces, Arthur was keen to come on board and together they combined their names to “Jenart”, the first three letters of their Christian names.  Each name of Jenart, appears in opal, in a boomerang shape in all of their combined artworks.