To whom it may concern

The opal association is a non - profit organization with the sole aim of promoting opal and membership worldwide.  Our members are people that care about opal and its reputation.  We promote opal in a honest and positive light providing up to date information to all interested parties.

The Opal Association would like to officially endorse the quality and calibre of artworks and jewellery created by "Jenador".

As the secretary of the association and a buyer of Jenador's artwork I would like to praise her for the high level of skill and artistic ability that she has displayed with her craftsmanship.

She is truly an artist who deserves international acclaim and she has exceeded our expectations in producing a truly admirable piece of artwork.

We are thrilled to be able to endorse her work without reserve and offer our contact details as a reference for anyone who is interested in acquiring one of these wonderful masterpieces for their collection.

With regards

Jason Blaiklock


The Opal Association

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March 31, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I met Jennifer Benaim (Jenador) three years ago at the Tucson, Arizona Gem and Mineral show.  At that time, she was exhibiting her Opal pictures at a juried show at the Tucson Manning House Mansion.  When I walked in, and in an area all by itself with proper lighting, the Indian Peacock was displayed on an easel.   Since I had started in jewelry many years back by cutting opal, this literally stopped me dead in my tracks.

After looking at the peacock for about 20 minutes, I went over to speak to Jennifer about her work.  One thing led to another and over several months of correspondence, we mutually agreed that I should represent her in the US.  I had suggested to her that she should prepare a DVD for distribution here in the US to potential customers.  She created a very professional DVD and also established a web site for alternate viewing by potential customers. 

The following year she came back to the US and we attended the Las Vegas jewelry show  We presented her work to many of the hotel galleries and at the same time spoke to several hotel executives to determine if they would be interested in obtaining some of her work for their hotel as a commission assignment.  From there we returned to Los Angeles, and working both through the Australian Trade Commission and directly with galleries here,  tried to establish a market in the Los Angeles area.

At all times, she was professional in her dealings with me and potential customers.  We communicate regularly by email and occasional phone calls to update our status.  I have always found her very easy to work with and responsive to suggestions for possible sales leads.  Her work is in a category by itself, and to my knowedge, there are no other artists doing similar work.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me (sgoldklang@aol.com or by phone, 714-637-8245.


Stanley Goldklang



Jenador and I have been working with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) to gain a foothold in the vast Chinese art market through direct participation in the annual Shanghai Art Fair (60,000 visitors), and by means of a local representative with a strong background in the Chinese art scene and with links to the international art community.

Our association has been forged by the need for mutual support in a foreign land, where we can both say that we have been able to sell our works, gain local representation, add Chinese pages to our websites, and leave artworks with qualified dealers for ongoing exhibition in China -- all with minimal help from Austrade.

I have great respect for Jenador who is not only an accomplished artist and craftsperson in her unique field, but is also a very astute business-woman.  Her ability to promote an artwork in a forum where opals are little known was a revelation, particularly under adverse lighting conditions.  She is quick to seize opportunities and to create new ways of promoting her works as she receives feedback from viewers.  She is also an excellent sounding board for ideas on how we can both promote our artworks in new markets, and I can confidently expect a well-considered and honest opinion free of bias or self-aggrandisement.  In my experience, Jenador is a passionate artist dedicated to making her mark in the international art market.  She will work assiduously to achieve this laudable goal.

I have great pleasure in recommending Jenador to you as a reliable and worthy business associate.

Yours sincerely,

Dai Wynn


Andrew Milton

P.O. Box 141,

Chewton, 3451, Victoria, Australia.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Jennifer Benaim for well over 3 years now. In that time I have come to cherish her as a friend.

In the time I have known Jennifer I have only ever seen her as a sincere and caring individual. She is immediately friendly, approachable and exudes the sense that you have known her for years, with her personable and accepting ways.

Jennifer is driven, down to earth, no nonsense and very motivated in what she wants to pursue. However she never allows this to overshadow the needs of, or compassion for, her family and friends. She is always supportive and positively motivating of those around her.

Understanding, honest, intelligent and generous, Jennifer is a joy to know and always an interesting person to converse with. Her great sense of humour comes from seeing the bizarre in the every day.

Jennifer’s amazing artwork is purely a reflection of the patience and attention to detail that already exists within all aspects of her life.

I am honoured to write an open reference and introduction for Jennifer Benaim as it is a privilege to know her and an honour to be considered her friend.

Sincerely, Andrew Milton.


Hello Jennifer

I would like to thank again for my Eye Of Horus. It hangs in pride of place in my office and a lot of people notice it. I have given your card to a number of them. Please send more of your business cards.

Your workmanship is exquisite and the design spectacular.

Many Thanks

Russell Cooper



Robyn Turley

Mc Ivor Creek Wines and Dalhousie fine foods

Heathcote, Victoria Australia

I have been collecting Jenador's artworks and jewellery pieces for many years and love the response that I get from clients when I present one of her artworks as a gift.  Jennifer excells in her artworks and jewellery pieces and I look forward to purchasing more of her work in the future.

Kind regards

Robyn Turley