There is always a beginning to any story and my journey to create gem opal inlay artworks and jewellery pieces started when my very adventurous father decided to move our family of eight to the opal mining fields of Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.  It was a very harsh environment, with many disappointments along with the occasional triumph!

Dad decided after a while that it would be much easier to become a gem dealer and buy and sell opal than to try and find it in the ground.  I would often accompany dad on his buying trips to different opal areas of Australia.  It was on one of our trips that we saw a few small opal pictures that had been created by painting a piece of glass black and then scratching out an image and attaching opals to the scratching.  While the finished product was not of a very good quality, dad and I knew that we could improve the technique.  Well many years later and much sweat and tears, we did do what we started out to do.   When dad passed away he left me his large collection of Lightning Ridge opal that I continue to use in my work to this day. 

I exhibit the works of art and jewellery pieces internationally and enjoy travelling and meeting people along the way.